7 Essential Oils for Depression and Stress

Mood lifting essential oils

If you are experiencing depression, anxiety, stress or just feeling down you could go to the Doctor, you could take up exercise, improve your diet or you could gain some support with these 7 essential oils for depression and stress.

My nutritionist recommends them for nutritional benefits as health and the mind are interlinked and sometime supporting the body will improve mental well being.

With my new diffuser I have tried Lavender Oil and Lemon Oil filling the atmosphere with soothing aromas that definitely improve my feelings of well-being and I take Frankincense and lemon oil daily.

Here are some recommended DoTerra Essential Oils specifically for anxiety and depression. The oils can be used as follows:

Added directly to the skin. Added to water to be taken internally.

Lavender Essential Oil

Helps to ease feelings of tension

Adding a few drops of lavender oil to bedding, pillows and bottom of the feet for restful nights sleep

Add to bath to soak Apply oil the temples or the back of the neck

Frankinsense Essential Oil

Frankinsense is the “King of Oils” for its multiple uses. This oil is regarded as a spiritual oil and used for meditation.

Frankinsense is known to lower stress, anxiety and anger. Frankincense should be taken internally daily for improved feelings of well being.

Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon Essential Oil is invigorating, lifts the mood and spirit with its citrus aromas.

Made from the rind of lemons, Lemon Oil is the “happy oil” used to enthuse energy, mind and spirit.

Essential Oils use in ER Vanderbilt Hospital

Wild Orange Essential Oil

Wild Orange Essential Oil has similar benefits to lemon oil, the strong citrus tones alleviate nervousness, calm and sooth feelings of stress.

Joyful Blend Essential Oil

DoTerra have put together a number of unique blends for wellness to target more specific areas of health.

Mood elevating essential oils.

Uplifting Blend Essential Oil

Promotes feelings of happiness, cheerfulness, optimism. Designed to brighten the mood on any day.

Essential oils for the emotions


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If you interested in finding out more about DoTerra Essential Oils and other natural products then please feel free to contact me as we are running lots of well being webinars.



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Author: Niki Buskell

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