About Me

Bellamuummuu was a project initially designed to sell and promote beautiful, natural and ethical clothing and accessories but has evolved into much more.

Essential Oils

A friend of mine introduced me to essential oils while I was living in Guernsey. They really helped me balance my emotions during a stressful time and I have been using them ever since.

The therapeutic nature of essential oils has a profound effect on the body and mind for to maintain long term health. I discovered Frankincense ‘The King of Oils’ that I now take daily. Frankincense is an oil for all sorts of ailments including cancer.

Doterra are big on sustainability and looks after hundreds of farmers growing plants that offer high potency for to create high quality oils. They are a formidable, caring global business helping to fight poverty, so every product bought goes toย  supporting good causes.


To improve my communication skills with my customers I signed up to a MOE Coaching course. This course changed the way I communicate today, it taught me valuable lessons about how we can improve relationships just by the way we interact with others.


Taking off with my backpack at the age of 23 changed my perspective on life. I took a sabbatical from my job to take some time out to explore the world starting with Australia, with no particular plans.

I started my trip in Perth working in a Horse Racing yard before heading off up the West Coast, swimming with Whale Sharks in Coral Bay and climbing Uluru in Alice Springs. I ended up living in a flat off Oxford Street in Sydney with 6 Dutch travellers.

Conservation & Climate Change

I feel passion about conservation and sustainability. I have been on Safari in Kenya and seen up close the Giraffes and Elephants in their natural habit so protecting endangered species and supporting conservation is important to me. However, conservation is also about protecting bees and planting trees across the UK so I am a member of The Woodland Trust.

Learning and education

Continued education is how we progress so ‘keep learning’ is my motto and growing so our knowledge can be passed down to our children.

For the love of food

Food is life. Self care and self love starts with the food we eat. The food we eat effects our mood, our emotions as well as our physical health. Discovering this changed my whole attitude to food and lead me down a path to veganism. Cruelty free, sustainable, healthy food.

I will only be promoting products and services that I know come from a sustainable company so if you would like to contribute then please contact me.


Niki x