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Aromatic Dressing with Essential Oils

aromatic dressing

Vanessa Jean and the art of Aromatic DressingThe doTERRA Business Day and Wellness Day in Northampton was so much fun, very inspirational and we had the opportunity to learn all about ‘Aromatic Dressing‘ with essential oils by Vanessa Jean, my personal highlight.

Loving our ourselves and our bodies with an all over essential oils daily rub gives us the opportunity to be thankful for our womanly parts and to remember to take care of them.

There are many benefits to a daily massage including stimulating the circulation, improving the skin and making us feel good.Demo of Aromatic DressingThe process of daily self massage is so liberating and enforces the notion of ‘being kind to yourself’ loving your body and being grateful for what god has given us.Frankincense, Lavender and Wild Orange Essential OilsThe oils for the Aromatic Dressing our Frankincense, Wild Orange and Lavender mixed with Fractionated Coconut oil.

I have been doing this exercise each morning after my shower and giving the breasts a good rub to release to release negative toxins fro breath health.I have been doing a daily Aromatic Dressing in the mornings after a shower. It really wakes me up and makes me feel happy and confident to start my day.

Spend a little time on the breast areas for a nice breast detox to keep those babies healthy.

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