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August Product of the month – Lime Essential Oil

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Lime Essential Oil – Product of the month

So this month DoTerra are offering a free lime essential oil for all orders over 100PV.

Let take a look at Lime Essential Oil and what it can do for us.

What is Lime essential oil used for?

The most common uses for Lime oil is bacterial infections, fever, gum/grease remover and revitalizing skin.

How do we use it?

Can be applied topically neat as it is quite a mild oil.

One great way of using lime oil is to add a drop to your shower gel, bubble bath, deodrants and body lotions.

You can of course add a couple of drops to a nice cold glass of water in the summer or add as a flavouring in your chocolates or other food.

Properties of Lime Essential Oil

This oil is antibacterial, antiseptic, antiviral, restorative and a tonic.

Historically lime was used as to treat dyspepsia with glycerin and pepsin.

Other useful ways people use lime is for anxiety, blood pressure, improving focus, energy, gallstones, hair, liver deficiencies, nervous conditions, air purifier and good for promoting all round health and wellbeing.

Can be used in place of lemon to treat fevers, infections and sore throats.

This is an August offer only

To get these oils just join DoTerra by following the link below or contact me if you are based in Guernsey (I have to process the order less VAT)

Enroll online at the Join today.

Buying a kit of 125PV and get a FREE Lemongrass Essential Oil (Home Essentials Kit or Emotions Kit)

Lemongrass essential oil is incredible and I’m already diffusing it.

If you have any questions then contact me at

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