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Breast Detox for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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Breast detox and other easy ways to maintain healthy breasts naturallyBreast Health is not something we generally think about, or talk about, but Breast Health is an important factor in Breast Cancer prevention as well as maintaining strong and beautiful breasts we can feel proud of.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month where we show our support for those affected by Breast Cancer and raise awareness of what we could be doing to prevent and treat this terrible Cancer.

Having the Cancer Gene

Being told you may have the ‘Cancer Gene’ is a scary thought after having lost both parents to Cancer (Mother from Oesophagael Cancer and Dad from Prostate Cancer) taking care of my health and helping others has become a major part of my existence.

Here are a few things that aim support Breast Cancer Health.1 – Regular Breast MassageWomen in Asia have been practicing the Taoist Holistic Breast Massage for centuries to look after bodies and stay young and healthy.

A daily breast massage stimulate anti aging hormones to keep the breast strong. It will rid the breast of excess toxins from the environment and toxic products we use in our everyday lives.
Benefits of regular breast massageOxytocin is produced when we masage the nipples and breasts, this releases and lifts the stress from our bodies2 – Keep the tissue and lymph nodes in your breast and underarms detoxifiedDetoxing with essential oils is a good way to keep the cells healthy so by adopting a regular Breast Detox your breasts are getting the care they need.Apply 2-4 drops of Frankincense essential oil to each breast twice daily for 30 days.Detox 2 – 4 times a year and blend with carrier oilIf you haven’t got Frankincense then alternatives are Eucalyptus and grapefruit.3 – Benefits of Citrus Essential Oils in Cancer preventionIn the US research on limonene in relation to breast cancer, in particular, the use of citrus oils in preventing and treating breast cancer has been very positive.

Lemon oil can be taken internally daily for an daily detox. Taking lemon oil flushes excess toxins in the body.

Lemon Essential Oil4 – Under Arm DetoxResearching for this topic brought to light another great health tip and that is the ‘under arm detox’.

Using an all natural clay mud mask such as the doTERRA mud mask below, can extract

The doTERRA SPA Detoxifying Mud Mask is a natural clay mask that provides purifying and detoxifying benefits while reducing the appearance of pores, fine lines, and wrinkles.

Infused with CPTG essential oils of Myrrh, Juniper Berry, and Grapefruit, this proprietary mask delivers a luxurious and aromatic spa treatment that pampers the skin and enlivens the senses.

doTERRA Mud Mask5 – use of non toxic productsWhile we are massaging to flush nasty toxins from our bodies we don’t then want to add more toxins, so they system will not work.

Here are the products I recommend for under arm and skin care of the body.

doTERRA Deodrant

doTERRA Deodrant

doTERRA Body Wash

Body Wash

doTERRA Body Cream

Hand and Body LotionPurity of essential oils is paramountIt is clear that we need to ensure we are using ‘completely natural and potent’ products for any lasting impact on our breast heath.

This is why I use, and recommend, doTERRA essential oils and wouldn’t use anything else in, or on, my body.

The oils are 100% pure CPTG oils and safe to take internally, topically and aromatically.

Other oils to use on the breast are:
Lemon, eucalyptus, lemongrass, clove, thyme and melaleuca.

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Source: Tisserand Institute SENS Research

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