Tips for buying a puppy this christmas

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Are you considering buying a puppy this Christmas or already have a puppy reserved? Puppies are so cute and adorable and having them pop out of Christmas box under the tree for the children is so sweet.

However, Christmas is a busy time of year and puppies need a lot of attention and of course there is the puppy training to do around the Christmas while serving the Christmas meal.

Nevertheless, if you are already committed then here is some useful tips for buying your perfect puppy at Christmas, or anytime of year.

Quick puppy purchasing checklist:


Can you afford to have a dog? There are a lot of ongoing costs with having a dog for 15 years such as food, equipment, vet insurance or vet bills. (insurance can be as much as Β£25.00 per week).

Do you have the time and commitment to walk the dog every day?

Will the dog have company during the day when you are at work?

Is your home big enough and are you willing to sacrifice you nice neat and clean home?

Would an dog be more suitable?Your cute little puppy will grow up with very specific needs i.e. lots and lots of walking vs a quick half hour in the park, a bath once a month vs a bath everyday in the winter.

Here is a quick quiz to see if your choice of puppy matches your lifestyle.

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The health and well being of your puppy is paramount so choosing a reputable breeder who takes care when breeding, looks after the puppies and cares about puppies going to good homes is important.

Use the Kennel Club Assured Breeders Scheme

The scheme promotes good breeding practice to ensure good quality healthy puppies are produced and there is no over breeding.

UKAS Accrediation

The Kennel Club is the only organisation to be accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service.

The only place to find a quality puppy is through the UK Kennel Club.

Kennel Club Find a Puppy Service

Puppy Farms

Puppy farms are dog breeders that breed solely for profit without any consideration for the welfare of the dogs and puppies and diseases that spread through generations. The dogs are often left with no food or water or get any medical treatment.

Puppy farmers advertise through social media, newspaper adds, the internet and pet shops.

As this video highlights, the puppies purchased through puppy farms can have parvovirus, conjunctivitis , pneumonia, kennel cough, gastroenteritis.



Raising awareness of the UK’s cruel puppy farming industry.

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puppy awareness week

PAW promotes people becoming puppy aware to help stop puppy farming.

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Advantages of owning a pedigree dog

Predictability of breed in terms of character, behaviour, temperament and care needs.

The most common problem is people choosing the wrong dog. Do you want an energetic dog requiring lots of walking and entertaining or a laid back dog that is happy to sit by the fire on a cold night?

Choosing a dog from a variety of pedigrees gives you some guidance as to what to expect and what your dog will expect from you.

Advice from The Kennel Club UK

If you are buying a pedigree puppy then they will have pedigree papers and you will see Mum and possibly Dad and see the puppy in the litter.

It is a good idea to see where the puppy has been living and speak to the Breeder who should also be able to give you good advice on rearing the puppies.

If for what ever reason the you do not bond with the puppy, the breeder will often take the puppy back for rehoming.

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A cross breed puppy

No matter what puppy you decide to get make sure you see the puppy in the litter at home with Mum. This way you can judge mums temperament and see that the puppies have been loved and well looked after.

What age to collect your puppy?

Both our puppies were collected at 10 weeks old. We feel 10 weeks is the perfect age to pick up your puppy as they are healthy and just gaining their independence from Mum.

Eddie puppy Eddie collected at 10 weeks old

Removing a puppy from the litter too early can lead to irreversible emotional and developmental problems. Puppies need the comfort and safety of the litter until 9 weeks of age.

Hope this helps and hope you find the right puppy to who will grow to become a family dog giving joy for the next 15 years!

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Author: Niki Buskell

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