List of campaigns worth championing

Save the Pangolin

These beautiful little creatures look like something out of a movie or from prehistoric times.  Pangolins are insect-eating mammals that are covered in tough, overlapping scales. There are eight pangolin species living across Asia and Africa. Pangolins are trafficked for their scales. You can donate or just raise awareness by following Save the Pangolins on Social Media.



Marine Conservation

Take action against the tide of plastic in our oceans with the #STOPthePlasticTide campaign. Wet wipes and balloons are two items that are on the 'naughtly list' of products that clog the oceans. Another is the cotton wall buds. Spread the word.




Sumatra Orangutan Society

The root cause of the Orangutan crisis is consumers. Our demand for palm oil and other products fuels the decimation of the Orangutan habitats to make way for Palm trees. Sustainable Palm Oil has been introduced as a possible solution but Orangutans still need help. Join the campaign to help the SOS Sumatran Orangutan Society find new habitats for one of the Kings of the Jungle.



End Fracking

Fracking is bad for our health and bad for our environment. Fracking can cause contamination of our drinking water, air quality and cause earth quakes. Frack Off is an organisation that is working hard to be a 'disrupter of fracking in the UK'. Find out what they are doing in your area and join the cause.


Action for Renewables

Renewable energy has the potential to transform the UK for the better.  Action for Renewables is a grass-roots campaigning organisation that works with local people to win hearts and minds, and make the silent majority’s voice heard in support of greener energy.


Kids against plastic

Amy and Ella Meek, aged 16 and 14, and the founders of Kids Against Plastic! These innovative kids are doing their bit one step at time and influencing others. Influencers can be a very powerful voice in the move to change behaviours. Amy and Ella are inspired by The Global Goals. 17 goals to achieve by 2030.


Charities & Organisations worth a mention

If there is something that is not right then become the champion that changes it

Join an organisation

Join an organisation with like minded people to campaign and take action as a collective. Joining a conservation organisation will also give you more knowledge about the reality of what is happening and direct information about how you can help.

Write to your MP

MPs are elected to work for you. If there is an issue locally that can be fixed then your first action point is writing to your MP so they can take your issue to debate in Parliament.

Start your own campaign

The world needs activists and campaigns. Start a petition or campaign of of your own to raise awareness - 38degrees or However big or small your cause is, if you feel strongly about it then be heard. Start a petition and spread the word.