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With my new found love and knowledge of DoTerra Essential Oils I am taking the plunge and organising some DoTerra Wellness classes in Guernsey and online in March 2017. The Essential Oils have made a huge impact to my life and my families well being so I want to share my knowledge with you. DoTerra is a company that sources ingredients from the best locations in the world to harvest the best quality ingredients for the oils. They scientifically create pure essential oils using quality protocol CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® The vast range of oils and essential oil based products offer a complete natural lifestyle change. Ditch the toxic products from your life and use DoTerra Essential oils for a naturally clean and invigorating environment. Where do I start? Well I will start with improved emotional well being. The oils help with insomnia, snoring, anxiety, pain relief, depression, menopause, grief, post traumatic stress and much more. Our lives are so hectic and full of stressful situations that the oils can give you and instant hit or they can soothe after a tiring day. The aromatherapy of DoTerra Essential oils help soothe and calm our emotions and clean the air …

Nepal Co Impact Sourcing Wintergreen Essential Oils

Wintergreen Essential Oil sourced from Nepal

Women in the Himalayan mountains of Nepal are harvesting the dark green branches and leaves of Nepalese wintergreen as part of the Co Impact Sourcing program set up by DoTerra. DoTerra source their supplies from communities across the world, often creating jobs where they are most needed.   DoTerra utilized the Healing Hands Foundation to give immediate aid to the villages badly affected by the Earthquake. There is a now a donation fund dedicated to Nepal that has raised over $635,000 to help the people of Nepal to rebuild their lives. Find out more about Healing Hands Wintergreen Essential Oil has soothing properties ideally used to massage aching limbs after exercise and diffused to uplift and stimulate the spirits. Wonderful oil for relaxing achy muscles in the bath. Contact us to purchase this product Please follow and like us:

Mood lifting essential oils

7 Essential Oils for Depression and Stress

If you are experiencing depression, anxiety, stress or just feeling down you could go to the Doctor, you could take up exercise, improve your diet or you could gain some support with these 7 essential oils for depression and stress. My nutritionist recommends them for nutritional benefits as health and the mind are interlinked and sometime supporting the body will improve mental well being. With my new diffuser I have tried Lavender Oil and Lemon Oil filling the atmosphere with soothing aromas that definitely improve my feelings of well-being and I take Frankincense and lemon oil daily. Here are some recommended DoTerra Essential Oils specifically for anxiety and depression. The oils can be used as follows: Frankinsense is the “King of Oils” for its multiple uses. This oil is regarded as a spiritual oil and used for meditation. Frankinsense is known to lower stress, anxiety and anger. Frankincense should be taken internally daily for improved feelings of well being. Lemon Essential Oil is invigorating, lifts the mood and spirit with its citrus aromas. Made from the rind of lemons, Lemon Oil is the “happy oil” used to enthuse energy, mind and spirit. Wild Orange Essential Oil has similar benefits to …