9 Christmas gift ideas for natural health with essential oils

spoil wooden box

It’s not too late to order Christmas gifts for friends and loved ones interested in natural health and essential oils or those who may benefit from learning more about aromatherapy.

What better gift to give someone than a book to learn about natural medicine?


1- Spoiled Wooden Box essential oils holder

For those building a nice collection of essential oils what better gift than a nice box to store them and keep them safe. This spoiled wood oil holder box stores 37 15ml essential oil bottles in a beautiful box.

spoil wooden box

Price £30.00


2 – Spa Diffuser

This beautiful wooden box diffuser is discreet so it can blend into any home decor beautifully.

Spa Diffuser

Price £28.00

3 – The Cacao Addict book

Cacao is used an promoted by all the top nutritionists and healers as Cacao raw chocolate mixed with essential oils and other natural ingredients makes Cacao chocolates a ‘superfood’. the Cacao Addict by John Croft contains 50 Cacao Recipes including Chia Cardamom Orange Pudding, Hemp and Almond Ginger Lime Fudge, Medicinal Blueberry Blitz, and Raw Turkish Delight.

Cacao addict book


Price £25.00

4 – The Aromatherapy Bible

Learn all you need to know about essential oils and plant extracts for natural physical and psychological well being. This is the book for anyone who has an interest in learning about natural health. The best guide to essential oils.

Aromatherapy bible

Price £25.50

5 – The Essential Life

The Essential Life is a hardback book with all the latest in essential oil research. The A-Z section lists all the single and blended oils and their uses.

This book contains over 600 health issues and corresponding essential oils recommendations.

Essential oils can also be used in cooking and cleaning and with pet health too. This book has everything you need to start your Essential Oils Life.

The Essential Life Book

Price £25.99

6 – Oak Handcrafted Essential Oil Display Stand

Beautiful essential oils stand holding 8 essential oils and a coconut oil only £18 fom Essential Oils Supplies.

Essential oils Holder

Find out more

7 – Affirmation bracelets from Aroma Love London

Absolutely loving these affirmation bracelets from Aroma Love. They are made from lava beads used for adding your own desired essential oil. Ideal for adults and children. Aromatherapy on the go for those busy periods of stress or situations that cause anxiety or just to enjoy your favourite aromas. A perfect Christmad or birthday gift.

Affirmation Bracelet

Find out more


8 – Essential Oils from Doterra

Doterra essential oils are 100% pure and the only essential oil I would recommend on this blog. These oils are food grade so they can be added to food and drinks for internal detoxing and cleansing.  Below I have listed essential oils ideal as gifts.

Forgive Essential Oil

Forgive Essential Oil

Motivate Essential Oil

Motivate Essential Oil

Cheer Essential Oil

Cheer Essential Oil



9 – DIY Bath Bar Gift Set

This DIY bath bomb gift set is a on my hit list this year. I have justed asked my daughter for natural bath bombs so all kids could enjoy making this.

Doterra have made homemade gift-giving easy by combining the basics need to create a batch of therapeutic bath bombs with Eucalyptus essential oil. All the ingredients you need to make natural home made bath bombs.


DIY Bath Bar Gift Set



I would be delighted to receive any of these gifts. Essential oils and aromatherapy brings us a great deal of emotional support and physical but also complete joy.

I hope you find this list useful but please continue to search for aromatherapy products.

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