Health and Well Being Coach

Life is full of challenges. We are encouraged to teach our kids resilience but just how do we do that? iPhones have become barriers to our relationships with them. Our children are living in a very different online world most parents are not aware of. We struggle to parent the best we can whilst juggling jobs, family and other commitments.

Sometimes at work too, we grapple with the pressures of what is required of us whilst feeling drained, tied or feeling we are just in the wrong job entirely.

Limiting Beliefs

Limiting beliefs are simply those little phrases we hear in our heads that stop us from pursuing our dreams, being successful and being happy. Without overcoming our limiting beliefs we could spend a lifetime to fulfilling our try potential and finding happiness.

Here are a few limiting beliefs that prevent us from finding fulfilment and joy in our life

  1. I can’t be me myself as I will not be accepted
  2. I cant go for that job as I’m not clever enough
  3. No-one will love me
  4. I’m not strong enough to run a marathon
  5. I can not trust you or anyone as I have been hurt before
  6. I can’t follow my dream as I might fail
  7. I cant travel alone as I’m not brave enough
  8. I’ll never be a successful so I won’t try
  9. I am too old to do that.
  10. I am top fat to do that
  11. Nobody cares about what I have to say
  12. If I speak up I will look stupid
  13. I am not technical so I cant do that
  14. I will never be happy
  15. I am just not good enough
  16. I cant change
  17. It has always been this way
  18. I don’t deserve to be happy
  19. I need to be in control or everything will go wrong
  20. If I say whats on my mind then I will be rejected

Who needs a Coach?

Everyone. We can all improve can we not? But mostly coaching is beneficial to those that have something they want to do or achieve.

The Coaching I offer is goal based Coaching so we work together to identify goals, small achievable goals that we work through together.

Weight loss

Loosing weight is hard. Having someone there to support you all the way through, including the really tough days, ensures you not only stay on track, but the process of loosing the weight is a lot less painful.

Often we need support to make dramatic changes to our everyday patterns. It is not about just changing diet it is motivation and commitment that we struggle with. Having weekly one to one Coaching can keep you on course to setting and achieving personal goals.


Life Changing Events

Dealing with a life changing event can have a considerable impact on our emotions. How we process a sudden unexpected change can be the difference between moving forward positively or holding on.


Free Consultation

If you would like a free consultation get in touch. I can meet locally or I offer online Coaching sessions.