Conservation volunteering at Hazel Hill Wood

Making 2019 the year to throw myself into volunteering to my local community especially conservation projects, giving your time can sometimes be the most valuable thing you can do.


Hazel Hill Wood Volunteer Conservation Days

Conservation volunteering at Hazel Hill Wood near Salisbury helps maintain this local 70 acre conservation woodland whilst learning about the wood, the birds and learning new skills.

This is a private wood used for a variety of events including yoga retreats and corporate events. There is a large wooden chalet with 5 bedrooms, large kitchen, dining area and meeting room.

There is a covered roundhouse for people to sit around the fire with a large open oven, outside toilets as the site is very sustainable and a second smaller wooden chalet with additional beds and facilities.

Clearing the frozen pond

Hazel Hill Wood PondFirst job of the day was clearing weeds and unwanted plants from the frozen pond so the sunlight can shine through the water.

With waders on my comrades had to break through the frozen ice and wade into the freezing water to get to the water weeds.

Unfortunately there were no waders in my size!


Charley Leader


Charely Miller is the Conservation Coordinator who plans and leaders the volunteer days.

She came fully equiped with all the tools we needed. She is very knowledgeable about the trees and the wildlife with the patience of a saint managing a very cold teenager!



While we were working we heard a Kingfisher but unfortunately we didnt get the chance to see her.

We also found some deer droppings and found some unknown creatures in a stream that we took for further investigation.

Giving Teenagers lots of opportunities to grow

One of the reasons we were here today was for my daughter and I to have a day together that didn’t involve shopping or watching tv.

Over Christmas Lily and had been shopping, baking, cycling and watching Netflix so I thought it would be good for her to learn some skills and give her a sense of achievement working with tools, out with nature and meeting new people.

It was a freezing cold day, but it was dry, so once we got warm and stuck into our jobs we were fine.


Stream clearningTeenager working










Coffee Break with the team

Charley are leader came fully prepared with a homemade Ginger Cake, tea and coffee and even had peppermint tea, ideal for a fussy teenager.


Not only did we clear a ditch of trees to encourage a new stream but we also made a clearing for the sunshine to flow through to another active stream and cleared lots of overgown shrubs.

We had lunch sitting outside the main chalet observing the blue tits and robins feeding from the feeders.

Our last job of the day was collecting the firewood before heading out into the forest to explore various parts of the wood.

This ancient wood contains Hazel, Beech, Douglas Fir, Ash, Oak and Scots Pine so its a wonderfully interesting place and full of wildlife.

Highly recommend Hazel Hill Wood Conservation Days

I am writing this post because I want to promote the Volunteer Days as Hazel Hill Wood to others, especially parents with lazy teenagers! I will probably go again on my free days and hopefully meetup with my crew.

Here are the dates advertised on the website:

Friday 4th January
Saturday 26th January
Friday 1st February
Sunday 10th February
Friday 1st March
Friday 5th April
Friday 3rd May
Friday 7th June


You can contact Charley Miller to register your interest for one of the days above.ย

Find out more at the website

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