Cooking with DoTERRA Essential Oils Video

Cooking with oils

Recorded online class ‘cooking with essential oils ‘This is a recording of a class I presented tonight about cooking with essential oils.

I do apologise for the sound quality in advance if it is poor.

There are endless options for cooking with essential oils, you will never run out of a fresh herb, or find the herb you need is out of season, essential oils will be available to you all year round.

The potency of the oils means in most cases you only need a tooth pick amount of oil in your dish.

You can also add them to a cocktail or your favourite smoothie without the fuss of having to use fresh fruit or herbs.

Introduction_doterra_essential oils from Nicola on Vimeo.

Cooking is one of the best ways to get natural ingredients into our bodiesIn terms of health benefits, cooking with oils means our bodies are gaining daily doses of natural, potent ingredients every single day.

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