Costa Coffee cup recycling scheme ‘Great taste without the waste’

Costa recycling cups in store

Costa Coffee’s new in-store cup recycling scheme will recycle approximately 30 million of their own cups each year, but will also recycle their competitors too.

Costa Coffee paper cup manifesto

Costa pledging to:

  1. Ensure the UK population have information, schemes and facilities to recycle all their paper cups.
  2. Company will work with paper supply chain to ensure all products can be recycled.

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Waste partner Veolia will be responsible for taking the cups to a special recycling centre across the country.

Costa Coffee have concluded a successful trial in 45 of their London stores so the project is planned to roll out to a further 2,000 stores across the UK in January 2017.



Hugh’s war on the coffee cup

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall uncovered the truth about the ‘perceived cardboard cup’ in a BBC documentary.


We commend Costa Coffee for becoming a leader in cup recycling in the UK. This project takes time and investment and although some may say, they are only doing what is expected of them, they are taking the lead into long term change for good. We hope other prominent companies in the fast food business will follow suit.

This is just one of Costa Coffee’s environmental projects they also support family’s producing our coffee with Costa foundationΒ  and source their coffee beans from sustainable Rainforest Alliance Certified farms.

This is one company I will continue to buy coffee from.

Find out more about Costa Coffee Cups projects

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Author: Niki Buskell

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