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DoTerra Global Convention 2017 Salt Lake City

Doterra Global convention 2017

6th to 9th September 2017 Salt Lake City, USAWorking for DoTerra is such an enjoyable way to earn a living but there are plenty of perks too!

I get to help people every day and as a reward for my dedication I get the opportunity to travel to Salt Lake City to meet the DoTerra Executive Team and the thousands of other Wellness Advocates from across the globe.
Learn, Teach, Share and BelongDoTerra Wellness Advocate don’t have to sell anything, we share the oils and their uses with others and the products speak for themselves.

We learn and then we teach and become a part of global community of Wellness guru’s.Quality & Giving is at the heart of the businessThese therapeutic grade essential oils are 100% pure. They are put through rigorous scientific testing and every bottle is graded.

The Company also ‘gives back’ on a grand scale.

You can find out more about the co-impact sourcing and their many humanitarian partnerships around the world providing jobs for communities in poverty.

St Lake City, Utah, USAJoin DoTerra today and get tickets to the best event this yearIsn’t this exciting? Would you like to come with me?

I love this company and love the products they create to empower all of us to take care of our basic health.

Looking after my family with these oils is the best thing that I can do for them.

This is a great business opportunity offering a great lifestyle so get in touch today to find out more.Join me and DoTerra

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