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DoTerra Essential Oils Live Webinar 16th March @ 20:00

Using dōTERRA Essential Oils as “Nature’s Medicine Cabinet”During this class Sarah Barber, Darcy Hill Cherry and Jasmine Fletcher will introduce the ‘dōTERRA Essential Oils’ Family Physician Kit’ ~ 10 core oils which can be used to support the body, mind and emotions. Nearly all the oils in this kit are food grade, so can be used externally and internally (which also makes them very safe to use in food).

Audicence: people completely new to essential oils or dōTERRA essential oils or as a re-cap.

As well as giving you loads of uses for the oils, we will also experience them through smelling a blend made especially for the class which will be sent to you ahead of the webinar itself.

dōTERRA (Latin for “Gift of the Earth”) oils have their own “100% certified pure therapeutic grade” standard and are sourced from all over the world where they grow naturally. They are rigorously tested; making them a step above organic and are an amazing alternative to the mainstream ‘everyday’ medicine cabinet and can be used in so many ways for our health and well being.

We are so passionate about these oils, having seen ourselves how, family, friends and more recently clients have benefited, and as such are excited and motivated to share them with you.

Like most people, initially we were attracted to oils due to their nice smells, but now have so much respect for their therapeutic potential too.

For more information please leave a comment on the page and we will get back to you. We are very happy to send samples for specific ailments, so do let me know what you and/or your family might need support with on a physical or emotional level, and we can get the right oils to you so you can experience their magic yourself. Some examples might be headaches, congestion, pain, insomnia or digestive discomfort or perhaps you’d like a sample of your favourite oil to compare!

Secure your space today and receive a selection of samples to try (if you are attending again as a recap no charge is made).

In the meantime, here is a short video about dōTERRA oils and what makes them so special.

Gifts of the Earth (4 mins) Gifts of the Earth
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