Essential Oils for post operation recovery

Lifelong vitality pack

Our bodies are not getting the nutrients they need. The doTERRA Wellness Pyramid below shows just how important food is to our health, it forms the base for our overall health and well being.

Food, exercise, rest and reducing our toxic load are all necessary factors that we have control over in our lives.

Informed self care and medical care is gaining assistance with our health in the form of supplements and medications.

Wellness Pyramid


The Empowered Life Series on LLV

DoTerra Empowered Series are monthly training webinars designed to give us the information needed to make informed choices about taking care of ourselves.

The video below is the video about the Long Life Vitality Pack.

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Many diseases start from the gut so taking certain supplements to restore gut health could potentially solve many health issues.

alpha crs+

Cellular Vitality Complex

xeo MEGA

Essential Oil Omega Complex

veo MEGA

Essential Oil Omega Complex

microplex vmz

Food nutrient complex


The Long Life Vitality supplements offer a total supplement solution for most people.

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