Healing Hands Foundation

It is important to us that we continually support and recognise the work of The Healing Hands Foundation.

DoTerra empowers and supports communities in developing countries to become self reliant.

Co Impact Sourcing Projects

Co Impact sourcing is about partnering with local farmers and working together to create sustainable essential oils farming processes. DoTerra also seek to help communities with projects such as education, clean water, and projects unique to the region.

Wintergreen Essential Oil Nepal

Wintergreen from Nepal

Global Projects

Healing Hands Cream

Healing Hands Foundation Rose Lotion

dōTERRA® has created the opportunity to ‘give back’ with the added benefit of having softer, beautifully scented hands…and also the chance to share a sense of giving with others.

The full purchase price of this lovely Bulgarian rose CPTG® essential infused hand lotion is donated to the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation™ .

Keep the lotion for your own use or pass along the giving through gifting it to another. Many will benefit from a sense of giving, as well as those receiving aid from the Healing Hands Foundation.

Beautify the world one lotion at a time. Price £12.00

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The Tumaini Brooks Children’s Charity is a School for vulnerable Children in a deprived area of Kenya.

Set up by Alice and David Hinga and now supported by Hannah Ellis, this charity aims to provide the means through education and sustenance to secure long term and sustainable improvements in the quality of life and opportunity for the vulnerable children and future generations in Kenya.

Though the Healing Hands Foundation Wellness Advocate Partner program Leaders Becky Bowles and Jess Stride are now supporting this project.

For every £10,000 raised by Becky and Jess, doTERRA will match it with a £10,000 donation.

Please make a small donation so this school can continue to education orphaned and vulnerable children. Thank you.

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Tumaini Brooks Children’s Charity