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Golden Guernsey Goat Milk Soap

Guernsey Goat Milk Soap

I have been using the Golden Guernsey Goat Milk Soap now for a couple of weeks and I am finding my skin is soft and silky and I love using it.

Benefits of Goat Milk Soap


The benefits of this organic natural soap is that it is gentle on the skin so very good to use on babies and for those prone to psoriasis and/or eczema.

It is of course hand made from the expressed milk of 3 female goats; Jasmine, Fleur and Blossom but with two pregnancies the flock is growing.

New Additions to the Guernsey Goat herd

Two new female goats arrived this spring with more on the way to meet the high demand in Guernsey of this gorgeous soap.

Guernsey baby goats

Order Golden Guernsey Milk Soap Online

You can order Guernsey Goat Soap online on the website or visit one of many stockists in Guernsey. There are lots of flavours such as strawberry, honey, lemon and more.

If you do order this soap then please send Sue your comments and feedback.

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