Good gut bacteria recognised as having positive effects in Cancer treatment

Gut Health free of disease

Cancer research is linking good gut bacteria with responses to Cancer treatment. Interesting to hear on the news this morning about Scientists showing those with healthy gut bacteria will respond better to Cancer treatment with immunotherapy drugs.

Health of gut linked to diseases

There are scientific papers and journals readily available online linking the health of the gut with many diseases.

Previous research led by Schiestl presented the first evidence of a relationship between intestinal microbiota and the onset of lymphoma, a cancer that originates in the immune system. The new study explains how this microbiota might delay the onset of cancer, and suggests that probiotic supplements could help keep cancer from forming.

Anti-inflammatory gut bacteria can slow or stop the development of some types of cancerIn fact taking care of our gut with good bacteria can reduce the risk of Cancer in most cases.

The research, published online April 13 in the peer-reviewed journal PLOS ONE, offers evidence that anti-inflammatory “health beneficial” gut bacteria can slow or stop the development of some types of cancer.

Source: Science Daily

Ultimately, doctors might be able to reduce a person’s risk for cancer by analyzing the levels and types of intestinal bacteria in the body, and then prescribing probiotics to replace or bolster the amount of bacteria with anti-inflammatory properties, said

Many of us may feel we have a good diet but when we look around our supermarkets we are given less and less opportunities to feed our bodies with healthy nutritious foods.

The quality of our fresh food is not as good as it should, unless you live in Italy (I am watching Gino).

Gut bacteria and diet – especially levels of meat consumption

Plant based diets reduced the risk of bad gut bacteria

There is a movement of millions realising the benefits of plant based diets with producers and consumers are now opting for plant based products.

As a side note, there is further evidence that eggs may accelerate Cancer but this is for another blog post, but plant based milk such as Alpro is a good substitute for those that may have tummy issues with consuming dairy products.Probiotic Killers – those that destroy healthy gut bacteriaProbiotic food to improve healthy gut

1 Dark Chocolate
2 Miso
4 Green Olives
5 Greek Yoghurt
6 Fermented food i.e. pickles
8 Cottage Cheese

Supplements to provide good bacteria

Probiotics and quality supplements can give our bodies the extra boost it needs that we can no longer get from poor quality produce grown in poor quality soil and shipped from other countries.

Supplements containing the equivalent of 12 fruit and veg a day will give our bodies high grade fuel and keep everything working from within.

Conclusion and Summary

Another great recommendation not listed above to is include juice in our daily diets as juice acts as a powerful detox for the system. We can juice all kinds of fruits and vegetables.

Being aware of the importance of keeping our gut healthy to prevent inflammation that causes diseases is the start of a difficult journey of change.

Changing habits of a lifetime will not happen overnight and will take time and commitment to learning about foods.

For more information about supplements and health coaching please contact me.

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Author: Niki Buskell

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