Stand up for trees – join the Woodland Trust

Woodland Trust

Yesterday I was approached to join theย  Woodland Trust. Conservation is important to me and I promote many organisations such as the World Wild Life Fund, Conservation International and Save the Rhino and have been a member of The Brook Charity for horses and donkeys in Egypt as a child, so I said yes.

Stand up for Trees – Statistics

The sad reality is that the UK woodland only equates to 13% of total UK land mass, 10% in England. Out of the total UK Woodland only 43% is certified and unlike listed buildings the 100 year old oak tree is not protected from felling if it is in the direct line of projects such as the H2 train line project.


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Becoming a Member

There are lots of options to join the Woodland Trust:

  • Single
  • Joint
  • Family
  • Life Member
  • Child – Nature Detectives


Volunteering with the Woodland Trust

You can voluteer on many of the Woodland Trust Projects around the country. Planting trees or fund raising, every bit of help really helps.

Download the Tree Id App

Download the Tree Id App and use it on your long works in the Forest to identify trees. It is an A to Z guide to native and non-native trees. This is a great way to learn more about trees and teach our young ones to identify trees.


Buy a tree

You can buy trees from the Woodland Trust Website for as little as ยฃ6.95 and Schools and Communities can apply for a free Tree pack courtesy of IKEA, Sainsburys, Yorkshire Tea and the players of the Peoples postcode lottery.

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