Natural health for babies and newborns with DoTerra Essential Oils

Soothing and relaxing baby

It was heartbreaking to hear a young mother talk about her experience with her ‘sickly’ baby boy and the hours spent trying to sooth him and trips made to the hospital.

It turned out that the baby was in a lot of pain due an intolerance.

Every mother wants a healthy, happy and thriving baby but for many instead they have a baby that is fretful, crying all the time, screaming in some cases and in distress not knowing why the baby is suffering.

I am certainly not a medical expert so every mother should get advice from a GP and always seek a second opinion if unsure, but essential oils can certainly help boost the immune system and provide comfort for babies, and parents.

Empowering Women with Essential Oils How can essential oils help?

DoTerra Essential Oils are 100% pure CPTG grade oils so they are completely safe (but must be diluted for babies). They can empower mothers to maintain their babies health and well being.

They help with bruises, teething, congestion, constipation, they are an incredibly versatile baby toolkit.

The DoTerra ToolKit for babies Here are some of the ways oils can be used on your baby (although they are good for fretful Mum’s too!) and other useful products such as the breath vapour stick.for massaging and keeping babies skin soft and healthy. Massaging babies is a lovely way to bond and this oil is super soft for delicate skin.

Good to use if baby is a bit congested, especially good at night time.

DoTerra Touch are pre-diluted ready made rollerballs made up with fractionated coconut oil.

Lavender roller is good for skin irritations, put on feet for bedtime, when baby is fretful, calming for skin and mood.

Used for when baby is getting temperature, roll on bottom of the feet.

“king of oils” anti inflammatory to boost the immune system and can be used on bumps and bruises.For boosting the immunity and used for keeping toys clean.

Breath is good for congestion it clears the airways and good for diffusing at night to help baby to breath when they are bunged upDigestZen for rubbing on tummies to expel gas, good for constipation, aids digestive system.

Balance blend is used in the morning on his feet for calm and tranquility.

Calming and uplifting

Make your own rollerball blends that suit your baby.For babies that are constipated digestZen rollerball is rubbed on the belly in circles to ease discomfort. It may even help with bowel movement.

Diffusing Essential Oils during the day and at nightAromatherapy benefits babies by soothing them at bedtime and for afternoon naps and they can even learn to associate the aroma smells with sleep.

Balance blend is a grounding blend that is nice for babies during the day and Lavender and Cedarwood are great at night time.

Smells are often unique to us so it maybe that you trial a few to find the one your baby enjoys.

Spray bottles great to spray on toys and blankets Diluting the oils then adding to a small glass spray bottle makes the oils portable and can be sprayed on anything to keep baby calm.

You can also use a small glass spray bottle with a few drops of OnGuard and Lemon oil mixed with water to create a great portable anti-bacterial spray when out and about.

DoTerra Home Essentials KitThe DoTerra Home Essentials Kit contains many of the oils that are good for young Mum’s but also contains the petal diffuser.Take control of your babies healthWhat I absolutely love about DoTerra is that there is an oil or a solution for pretty much anything and lots of lovely supportive people always willing to help.

All Mum’s need to enjoy special time with their babies, to play, to bond and to smell really good.

If you are interested in sampling these oils then just contact me at

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