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National No smoking day is a great opportunity to quit the fags

stop Smoking day 2018

Today, Wednesday 14th March 2018, is National No Smoking Day, a great opportunity to quit smoking to save money, improve your health and feel happier without this addiction.

Do it your wayย  #tellusyourway

I gave up smoking 9 years ago and I thought I would never be able to do it.

My smoking addiction was purely physiological it was the one thing that calmed my nerves in stressful situations.

Fortunately I was not a full time smoker, I could go all week without a cigarette but on a Friday and Saturday night the fags became a part of my social life. At the time, I was not surrounded by smokers, that wasn’t an excuse, but I did use the fags as part of my ‘going out’ routine.

I didn’t smoke to be cool, I enjoyed smoking when drinking, drink and cigarettes complement one another.

Why did I quite?

Typically I would date non smokers but when I met my partner he was a very heavy smoker so we decided to quit together.

It wasย  on a skiing holiday that broken the camels back. He was smoking on the chair lift, smoking at the end of every run, smoking in the bar and it began to hijack our holiday.

How did we quit?

My partner quit using Nicorette gum and I remember just quitting but I couldnt drink for quite sometime due to the association.

Social Pariah

My partner and I have never looked back, never regressed and I have never wanted to smoke again. I like to run and keep fit and I am no longer a social pariah. I realised that my smoking was affecting those around me and it was a habit that I could ditch.

Happier since we quit

I read once that it is the ‘addiction’ to smoking that causes the anxiety.

the state of being enslaved to a habit or practice or to something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming, as narcotics, to such an extent that its cessation causes severe trauma.

In fact any addiction is bad for us.

Sugar is one of the deadliest addictions of modern society causing all sorts of long term sugar related illnesses.

Ways to quit cigarettes

  1. First you have to want to.
    • This is the first hurdle, are you ready?
    • What would it mean to you and your family if you quit?
    • How committed are you?
    • Do you have support?
  2. Hypnotherapy
    • My friend quit smoking with hypnotherapy
  3. Try using e-cigarettes
  4. Use nicotine gum
    • There is evidence to suggest that replacing an addiction with something else just moves the addiction, but it worked for my partner.
  5. Quit with a friend or a join a support group, give each other pep talks and support.
  6. Spend time with non smokers so the urge is eliminated in social situations, just while you are quitting.
  7. Have a goal and stick to it.
  8. Use Black Pepper Essential Oils to
  9. Do some exercise as this will keep you motivated to be healthy and smoke free.



The NHS have great resources to help you quit smoking

The NHS are offer 28 days of quit smoking advice and support straight to your in box or on a free app.

Register today to Get Support



You may like smoking, it maybe a habit you are reluctant to give up or you may have tried a number of times to quit but ultimately smoking is harmful and to be free from any kind of addiction will offer so many well being benefits, so good luck, keep trying and seek help if you need it.

Source: NHS smoke free

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