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October enrolment offer is 3 free oils

October enrolment offer

October offer is a corker! With every 200PV order doTERRA will send you 3 free oils – FREE 15ml Balance, 15ml Citrus Bliss and 15ml Serenity essential Oils worth ยฃ68.00.

Therefore by joining with a Home Essentials Kit containing the top 10 core oils with over 300 uses with the Petal diffuser and get 3 blends for free.
Home Essentials KitSerentitySerenity restful blend combines lavender, ylang ylang, majoram and Roman Camomile. A really nice oil for relaxation and getting a good nights sleep.




Citrus Bliss Essential OilCitrus BlissCitrus Bliss invigorating Essential Oil blend is designed to be uplifting our moods, especially good for those that get SAD (seasonal Disorder)Balance Essential OilBalance Grounding Blend is a beautiful essential oil blend of oils designed to relieve stress and offer balance to our fragile emotions.Enrol TodayEnrollment between 1st and the 31st of October with an enrolment worth 200PV to get this offer.

Balance Grounding Blend
Join DoTerra by following the link below or contact me if you are based in Guernsey as these accounts are VAT free.

Buying a kit of 200PVHome Essentials Kit.

This kit includes a Petal Diffuser.

If you have any questions then contact me at care@bellamuumuu.comContact me today

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