Oregano essential oil heals eczma related skin rash

Eczma skin rash

Oregano Essential Oil healed rash in 2 daysHere are three photos of a child’s arm that were taken by a lady who’s son had suffered a severe skin rash.

The child suffers from eczema and had touched something at school that had made his arm erupt into a nasty and very sore rash.

After lots of research the lady opted for the Oregano Essential Oil rollerball Touch, a handy rollerball containing oregano diluted with frationated coconut oil.Oregano Essential Oil Touch Blend

Oregano – handle with care

Oregano is a very hot oil that must be diluted with apply to the skin. We advise that all the DoTerra oils be diluted when applying topically on children this is why the DoTerra Touch range are perfect for quick application on kids.

Contact me and I will set this up for you.

Other topical uses for Oregano essential oil

The oregano plant contains carvacrol and thymol that work together to act as a natural antiseptic.

Treats viral and fungal infections

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Author: Niki Buskell

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