Helping children overcome anxiety with essential oils

Child Anxiety with essential oils

Natural essential oils relieve sympton’s of anxietyGoing back to school after the holidays is either exciting or very scary for lots of children. Anxiety is a normal human emotion when faced with change or new situations, but the levels of anxiety felt by some are so strong there is an impact to their heath.

Here are some of the things that may go through a childs mind when they start School:

  • Move to a new school
  • A new class
  • New Teachers
  • Making new friends
  • Unresolved disputes with friends
  • Finding their way around
  • Missing the bus
  • The work
  • Homework
  • Self-consciousness

Having an open discussion about how they feel and offering practical solutions can help but for many teenagers maybe unwilling to have this conversation.

Aromatherapy is a great way to empower young people to take care of their own emotions if an when they need to.
How to reduce the symptoms of anxiety with essential oilsAromatherapy reduces symptoms of stress in the body such as heart racing, tension in the body and racing thoughts.

How it works is that a stressful experience or irrational fear can be stored through sounds and smell.

But so the opposite is also true that the body can go into a relaxed state by partnering with certain smells and locations that invoke pleasant feelings i.e. relax in the forest or at the beach.

It takes just 30 seconds to calm the anxious feelings.

Get your child to select an essential oil that they like, that they enjoy and gives pleasure. I have provided recommendations but there may also be very unique aromas that a child associates with.

Put a couple of drops of oil in the palm of your hand, rub palms together and place over the mouth and nose about 1cm from the face (do not touch your face) focus on relaxation and breathing. Take a slow deep breath.Diffusing essential oils before and after schoolMy recommendationsLavender Essential OilA naturally soothing and relaxing aroma used by so many people to manage emotions.

Lavender can be used at night time for a better nights sleep and used in the morning before School to relieve the fear of the new day.Peace Reassuring BlendPeace is a reassuring blend designed specifically to invoke feelings of calm, peace and contentment.

This is my oil of choice for difficult life changes and difficult situations that my daughter is facing.

My daughter diffuses this oil at night time for a good sleep and keeps it with her during the day to use when she needs to.

The oil contains Ylang Ylang, Lavender and the healing oil Frankincense.Balance Grounding BlendBalance Grounding Blend is used to ground the emotions. During times of stress Balance can bring the emotions in check.

This is a very popular oil for entrepreneurs and those with busy lives commuting and traveling.Serenity Restful BlendSerenity is design to calm and relax the mind and emotions. It is particularly good at bed time as it contains lavender and restful aromas.

This oil now comes in a tablet form as a natural sleeping tablet.PastTense Tension BlendPastTense tension blend designed to balance and calm the emotions. These roller balls are ideal to carry in the school bad and just apply to the back of the neck during the day or during an exam.Empower your children to manage their emotional health with essential oilsWith younger children you can work with them to find the oils they love and then even make your own blends. Make it a fun experience, like baking a cake, so they feel comfort in the oils they have made.

For Teenagers empower them to find their own unique oils and give them the resources to find out information to get the best out of essential oils.

Contact me for more information or purchase these oils online retail or open a wholesale account for discounted prices.

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Author: Niki Buskell

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