Random Act of Kindness Week 2017


Random Act of Kindness week runs from 12th to 18th February 2017 where people across the world areΒ  ‘turning the world kind’ .

Being kind creates happiness for so many people not just the receiver of the kind act. The Random Act of Kindness Foundation claims that the giver and witnesses to a kind act act also develop feelings of happiness.

Kindness can be spread in Schools, businesses and communities creating a snowball effect of kindness raising levels of positivity and making a big impact.



Christies Cancer Hospital

This morning I heard the story of a kind stranger leaving a note on a vending machine with lots of snacks and chocolate for the staff and patients, the note read:

“Please find a variety of snacks in this machine that have been paid for. I simply wanted to perform a random act of kindness to brighten up someones day. Hopefully there will be something in there for you to enjoy. Finally, if you can try and spread the word.”

I thought was a great spontaneous and anonymous way of being kind. The nursers were delighted and it did make them happy.

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The Kindness Generator

The Random Act of Kindness Foundation has created a ‘Kindness Generator’ posting lots of kindness challenges, kindness suggestions and showcasing some of the more unique acts of kindness.
5 Ways to Help Children Care More About Others

A Survey found that 80% of people made their own personal happiness their goal with only 20% making caring for others their priority, so children need to learn to feel empathy for others outside their immediate family circle.

  • Read books with a diverse range of characters and story lines then spend time each month talking about the books.
  • Map it out – put a world map in a child’s bedroom and discuss all the different countries and cultures.
  • Have a friendly competition – who can say “hello” to the most people.
  • Encourage your child to make new friends in school, sit with someone new.
  • Encourage your child to help older people in the community.


Kindness in the classroom

Teachers are encouraged to leave post it notes on students desks with specific kind words, students asked to write each other compliments, set up a thank you note station in the school.

There are lots of resources online for educators to facilitate Random act of Kindness week.

Random Act of Kindness Day 17th February 2017

Random Act of Kindness Days falls on Friday 17th February. What are you going to do for someone?

A compliment, a coffee, money for a coffee, a bit of gardening for someone or simply offer out random hugs to those you know. There are so many ways to make someones day.

Become a Raktivist

A RAKTivist is a kindness ambassador part of an active global community.

Kindness can change the world.

I have signed up to a RAKTivist to join a community of people changing the world by one kindness act at a time and you can too.



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Author: Niki Buskell

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