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Empowered Life Series doTERRA

doTERRA’s Empowered Life Series is a monthly webinar presented by Mums and Advocates who give lots of suggestions and recommendations of using the oils for children and family.

Learning about how to get the very best of your oils and not waste a drop.Feel empowered to take control of your families health

Digestive Health

Get advice and tips on supporting our digestive health with essential oils and probiotics and supplements.

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Mothers and babies

Learn from Certified Professional Midwife Stephanie Fritz, certified labor dula and childbirth educator Holly Lo, Registered Nurse Sarah Vansteenkiste, and Board Certified Surgeon Dr. Paul Winterton as they give tips and information about doTERRA essential oils and safe uses during pregnancy and labor.

cellular vitality and energy

This monthโ€™s topic is Cellular Vitality and Energy hosted by Dr. David Hill, Dr. Tory Parker, Laura Jacobs, Justin Harrison, and Melody Watts.

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