Saving Chimpanzee’s in Liberia

I watch in awe as an American woman arrives in an African village to find a baby Chimpanzee chained to a post surrounded by the noise and commotion of a busy village.

The woman has arrived with local police to confiscate the young monkey from a shop keeper who had aquired the baby monkey when her mother had been shot for food.

Liberia Chimpanzee Rescue and Protection

It is illegal in Liberia to have chimpanzee’s but it has not been commonly known by locals with little prosecutions.

Adult Chimpanzees are killed for their meat and the babies are often sold on for profit.

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Animal Conservation Β – a life’s work

Jenny and Jimmy Desmond have created a sanctuary for baby Chimpanzees who come into the sanctuary from wildlife officials who have confiscated the chimps from often desperate situations.

Rehabilitation and Education

When the baby chimps come into the sanctuary they are nurtured and helped to form close bonds with other chimps and often given lessons in practical skills to survive in the wild.

Jenny and Jimmy also work closely with other organisations and Schools to raise the profile of the plight of the Chimpanzees to educate people and the next generation on why it is important to protect Chimpanzees and why they should not be kept as pets.

Often the baby chimps are killed when they grow and become too strong for their owners.

Laboratory Chimps in Liberia

In 1974, the New York Blood Center (NYBC) set up a laboratory in Liberia where 400 Chimps died.

Workers took blood and infected the Chimpanzees with infected diseases.

Some of the workers at the baby rescue sanctuary worked at the laboratories and cared for the sick chimpanzees.

Adopt a Chimp and help build the Sanctuary

The Desmonds long term plan is to build a Sanctuary on a plot of land with medical facilities, quarantine units, offices and a place for visitors to come to the sanctuary.

You can adopt one of the many chimps featured on the BBC documentary.







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Author: Niki Buskell

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