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SUP Yoga in Pollensa Mallorca

SUP Yoga Mallorca

SUP Yoga in Mallorca, Spain

Kate Caistor runs Holistic Pollensa in the Northern Region of the beautiful Island of Mallorca. She has been teaching Yoga for a few years and is teaching SUP Yoga during the summer months.

SUP Yoga

Stand up Paddle boarding is quickly becoming the hottest activity for men and women around the globe. It is relaxing yet offers a surprisingly good work out for what looks to be quite a sedate sport.

SUP offers relaxation, stress relief, improves balance, increased body strength and a great cardio workout.

This activity is also done in groups so its lots of fun too.

SUP yoga Mallorca


Great Activity for rehabilitation

Due to the low impact and the relaxing nature of the activity it is perfect for those recovering from an injury that still want to work out.


Focus and Concentration

The combination of yoga and on a paddleboard requires concentration and focus so and ideal combination of two disciplines with the enjoyment of being on the ocean.


SUP Yoga Facts from Kate

  • You donโ€™t have to be an advanced yoga student!
  • Your muscles are challenged but in a different way
  • You will become more body-aware and practice mindfulness automatically
  • No practice will ever be the same
  • Strengthen core stability and develop balance whilst having fun

If you enjoy the water and being surrounded by nature why not join a group lesson or treat yourself to a private session.ย  Classes start from 25 Euros per person (including board and wetsuit if required)

What you will need

  • A bottle of water
  • sunscreen (apply before you arrive)
  • A hat and sunglasses
  • A t-shirt or rash vest
  • An open mind!

How to Book

Please like and Share the Holistica Pollensa Facebook page and contact Kate Caistor to book your group or private lesson.

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