Horrific abuse of Temple Elephants in Sri Lanka

Temple Eephants

Elephants in the wild are in danger from poachers and droughts, but temple elephants in Sri Lanka are exposed to abuse and brutality on a scale not known in the public domain. Exposing this abuse is the first step to rescue and change.


Temple Elephants abuse and torture

You will see in this image the owner of this elephant carries a meat hook that is used to control the elephants, to keep them complicit through fear. They are often chained so they can not run amok when walking through crowds.

Often the only way to control a powerful animal, is through fear.

Temple Eephants

Temple Elephants that need urgent help – Myran Prince and Ganga

A video has surfaced of the Temple Elephant Myran Prince who was being brutally beaten by his carer. The elephant was heard screaming in pain and falling into a river.

I have sent this video to the Sri Lankan Embassy for their help and support in rescuing this magnificent elephant from his abusers.

The latest video is of Myran Prince dressed in regal clothes limping through the streets with his legs tired together clearly shows an animal in distress.

Petition to free Myan Prince

Boycott Sri Lanka

Petition to boycott Sri Lanka until Myan Prince is rescued

2 Million Letters for Ganga

Ganga is a Temple Elephant a the Gangaramaya Buddhist Temple in Sri Lanka.

She was stolen from her mother from the wild and has been held there illegally for 12 years.

There was a court order approved to get her removed but she is still there.

There are videos of her abuse but the picture in the petition shows her living conditions. Again, I have to reiterate that animals of this size have to be controlled by fear, fear comes from abuse.

Petition to free Ganga – please sign

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Action for Elephants – Grassroots group protecting elephants

Action for elephants is a charity that works to stop trophy hunting, the sale of ivory, raising awareness of elephant rides, getting elephants out of circuses and the protection from extinction.

Join us and find out how you can help the Elephants across the world in danger.

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Author: Niki Buskell

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