We are wired for generosity


Loving the inspirational love, life and happiness videos from Coach Jay Shetty Life Coach.

This former Monk shares motivational and inspirational insight into many of life’s tricky scenarios to raise awareness into simple communication techniques.

What We’re Getting Wrong In Life



Mental Self awareness

Knowing the type of people we enjoy being with, who gives us energy and who drains our energy.

We need the self awareness and confidence to just say ‘no’ to situations and people who make us feel uncomfortable. ย We, women, are progammed to please, we are not encouraged by are parents to be assertive and strong as children, strong willed children are often scolded for being ‘difficult’ when it our personalities should be allowed to develop when we are young.


Consciousness level of awareness

We are wired to serve and only through serving others do we find happiness. we feel genuine happiness through generosity. The identitiy of consciousness.

This is how we connect with ourselves. Humans are designed to help and serve one another, this is very apparent when watching how small children interact.

Our life is a whole education system to learn to find happiness through helping each other.

Feeling empty

We feel emptiness through striving alone for power or material gain.


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